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passport photos

Professionally shot and lighted

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passport photos

Professionally shot and lighted passport photos

Ready in minutes, no Appointment necessary. We offer the best quality passport photos that are GUARANTEED TO BE APPROVED.

We also do international sizes as well as Canadian Gun Registration, Visa’s, Immigration, Permanent Resident as well as ID photos for exams, licensing or any other reason you may need a headshot. We can provide a hard copy or digital copy of your prints.

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Dress Code

  • Please do NOT wear a white shirt, blouse or jacket. The background is white and the photo will be rejected.
  • We suggest you dress somewhat formally and conservatively as the people who examine your passport tend to be very conservative.


  • Passport any format: $18.99
  • Extra copies in the same format: $7.00
  • Digitize + email or put on digital media: $2.50

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